Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I sign up?
The instructions to activate your account will be sent to your email once you have submitted the registration form. If you did not receive this email, your email service provider’s mailing software may be blocking it. You can try checking your junk / spam folder or contact us at
2. Forgot your password?
If you forget your password, click the "forgot password" button in the sign in box and a new password would be sent to your email address. This email address has to be previously registered. After you get the new password, you can change it on the "My details" page once you log in
3. How do I change my password?
To change your password, go to the drop down menu at the top right of your screen, select “My Details”. On this page, you can update your personal information and also change your password
4. How can I get my music on the top music website?
The best way to guarantee that the publishers review your content to be posted on their platforms is to go through Entiar. Entiar’s system is designed to send them your content in the most efficient way to reduce redundancy and delay.
5. What Sites does Entiar Distribute to?
Currently, we distribute content to,, and We also send to over 40 Microblogs. See the list of microblog sites in our FAQ
6. How can I upload my track if I don’t have it on
To add a track that is not on, please go to, create an account by signing up, follow the steps to upload your track, then return to, sign in, click on “Add track”. Copy and paste your link into the “Link from” field and click retrieve to attach it. Or you can upload your song directly from your computer.
7. How can I upload my video if I don’t have my content on YouTube?
To add a video that is not on, please go to, either create a new account or sign into your existing account, follow the steps to upload your video, then return to, sign in, click on “Add video”. Copy and paste your YouTube link into the “YouTube Link” field and click retrieve to attach it
8. Why is the system not accepting my audio file?
Entiar only accepts .mp3 files with a maximum size of 15MG. So check to see if your audio file is type and size compliant
9. Why is the system not accepting my video file?
For now, Entiar only accepts YouTube links. Please see the steps in Q7 above to attach your video
10. Why is the system not accepting my image/picture?
Your image has to be atleast a 500x500pixel Hi-Resolution picture to be accepted
11. How long does it take for my content to go live on the publisher’s website when I click as soon as possible?
If you pay using your credit card or paypal, it takes anywhere between 48-72hrs (excluding weekends & holidays) to finally go live on the publisher’s platform after submission, if approved. If you use the offline check out option, payment has to be verified so it may take longer.
12. Will my content publish before the “Don’t Publish before” date?
No. To select the specific date you want your content published, click the day before. For example, if your release date is Feb 1st, click the "Don't Publish before” button and select Jan 31st.
13. How do I pay with Naira on paypal?
Paypal does not accept Naira, but is still one of the safest means of payment. If you go through paypal, the USD equivalent will be provided for you to make payment.
14. Can I still use the paypal option if I don’t have a paypal account?
Yes. You can still use paypal to make your Entiar payment. Click on the paypal option, you will be re-directed to the page. Click "Don't have a paypal account" to pay using your credit or debit card without signing up
15. How do I pay offline?
To pay offline, just click the offline payment option, fill out your bank information incase we need to refund you in the event your content is rejected, and click next. You will see Entiar’s bank information, print it out. You can either use internet banking to do an online transfer or visit a branch
16. Is my credit card information safe on your website?
Yes. Credit card information is never stored in our system for your own security. So every time you pay, you have to enter your credit card information
17. Which bank should I make payment to for my content submission?
In Nigeria: Any Zenith Bank branch Account Name: ENTIARA DISTRIBUTION LTD Account Number: 101-456-1550
18. What is a NUBAN Account number?
NUBAN stands for Nigeria Uniform Bank Account Number. It is a 10-digit Bank Account numbering system which is simpler to use than traditional longer account numbering structures and is in line with requirements of the West Africa Monetary Institute, towards the economic integration of ECOWAS countries. Your bank should have provided you with this number. However, if you are not sure that you have one, please contact your bank to verify.
19. Once I pay, do you guarantee that my song and video will be posted?
No. What we guarantee is that your song and video will be listened to and watched. However, once we verify that the content is good enough for the sites we distribute to, then it will be posted.
20. How will I know when Notjustok receives my content?
Once your content is approved to be posted on the publisher’s website, you will receive an email saying your content has been approved and will be posted on the day you specified. You will also see this on your user dashboard page.
21. Why has my content been rejected?
Content is only rejected if the publisher believes it is not an appropriate fit for their audience. In most cases, the publisher gives you the opportunity to make changes by sending you change requests, which allows you to touch it up for final review.
22. What happens to my money if my content is rejected?
Your money will be refunded to you via the same payment method if the song or video is rejected. Pls give 3-5 business days for your refund to be credited back to your account. Note that if you pay with the offline check out method, the bank charges you a N110 refund fee which will be deducted from your total.
23. How can I resend my content with change request?
Click on the “change” button to make changes to your content. A message detailing the kind of change required will be displayed in red at the top of the screen. Follow its instructions to make changes.
24. How do I delete my content?
You do not have the option to delete content once it has been submitted. You however, can delete your draft items.
25. I am not able to attach my MyNotjustok link into Entiar
Thankfully, this is an easy problem to fix. Log back into, select your track, click the "edit" button and select "download" to make your song downloadable. Once your song is downloadable, it should download into Entiar.
26. Is the company called ENTIAR or ENTIARA?
Sorry for the confusion. We are both. Our Nigerian business information is ENTIARA Ltd, hence our account information bearing that name. But internationally, we are called ENTIAR LLC.
27. How do I upload a Mixed Tape, an Album or an EP?
To upload a mixed tape, an album or an EP with more that one song, submit your content by using the Article option. Click "Add Article", and fill in the required fields. To attach the mixed tape, album or EP, paste a working link in the "content" section. The price would be N60,000 or $270 depending on what region you are in.
28. Which blogs make up the Micro 30 and Micro 40?, MP3Naija,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
29. Can't find the answer to the question you are looking for?
We are happy to answer any other questions you may have. Pls contact us by e-mail by hitting the "contact us" button below, filling the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you
30. How Playlisting Works
Entiar helps Afrobeats artists like you grow your music career by getting your songs heard by Afrobeats playlist curators on Spotify. These playlists are user-generated playlists owned by independent curators. We do not work directly with the Spotify editorial team.  When you run a campaign your song will be sent to a targeted group of Afrobeats playlist curators. Each curator has a playlist with an active following.  During your one week campaign, curators will review your song, and if they like it they have the option to add it to their playlist. When this happens we send you an email instantly to let you know that your song has been placed on playlists. Note: Curators are not required or incentivized to add songs to their playlists. Campaigns do not guarantee any placements and if we are not able to place your song on a playlist, your payment is refunded less the Non Refundable Sub Fee
31. Independent Playlists
These are playlists that are user-generated playlists owned by independent curators on Spotify. We do not work directly with the Spotify editorial team.